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Ever wondered why Roasted coffee changes taste after a certain period of time? The answer can be summed up in one word: Storage! Roasted coffee loses its freshness and flavor almost immediately after roasting and if not properly stored may succumb to the four horsemen of the bean apocalypse which are moisture, air, heat, and light. Connect coffee has just the perfect solution for you.

A tin tie is simply a reseal option for a package. With just a peel and stick on the pack, you have a strong and secure re-seal to keep your coffee fresh long after it has been opened. For the sake of consuming fresh coffee, tin ties remain the best option; simple to use and at no extra charge.

Stale and tasteless coffee is now a thing of the past. Get this packaging in your next order of Natural Coffee, Juliet or Romeo blendS in 200g/ 500g/1kg.