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Over the decades, various parts of the globe have had Coffee shops emerging, thus increasing the number of youths getting involved in the coffee sector. However, in recent times, COVID -19 has robbed the world of about 71% of the global coffee demand due to lockdowns and closed workspaces, leaving many people vulnerable especially our young generation.

The benefits that generate simply from giving the young generation coffee education and training extends beyond the coffee markets and spread far into the social, economic, and psychological welfare. Being that the history of coffee is diverse, understanding and acquiring knowledge starting from the farm(Seed) to the cup is a vital element into becoming a professional Barista. Through the months, we have moulded successful young people into professional baristas having them merged and claim their places into the competitive world of coffee.

At Connect Coffee Empowerment Centre, all skills and sciences of coffee are instilled using internationally recognized high-end coffee equipment from various top world coffee enthusiasts. Do you wish to leave your mark in society?  Don’t miss your spot on the ongoing November intake.



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