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Known as the time of the year when storefronts are festooned with decorations, it is yet another indication that the year is coming to an end. However, we can all agree that this year has had its fair share of shortcomings with the global pandemic that has almost had the world come to a standstill.

As a lot of people have fallen victim to unemployment, many companies have also made it a mandate for their employees to cocoon and work from home to help curb the spread of Covid -19. Everyone has adopted a new normalcy where they go through the same routine almost every day.

With this being the month where most people get to celebrate, adventure and give back, don’t let the pandemic plight keep you from ending your year with an achievement. From the 2nd of December, Connect Coffee Empowerment Centre will be starting its close of year professional barista course, come gift yourself or your loved one the knowledge and skills of a lifetime.

A certificate to show for the tough year would not only be a good charm into the new year but also a kick start to scaling greater heights.  Think about it!


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