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Kenya is among the specialty coffee-growing countries. However, In the past year’s coffee in Kenya has been viewed as a drink for a certain class of people. Most of the people had adopted the tradition and predominant tea preference since the majority of the coffee grown was for export. In the last decade, however, we have seen a tremendous rise in the number of coffee drinkers with estimated volumes ranging from 509.9 metric tons in 2009/10 to 1,500 metric tons in 2019/20*. Now more thank more than ever, Kenyans reach for a hot cup immediately the alarm snooze stops.

coffee cherry, green coffee, specialty coffee, coffee estates
Coffee cherries in a coffee farm. Location: Gatundu, Kiambu

According to the Coffee Directorate of Kenya(CDK), Kenya is a coffee-growing country mainly exporting Arabica coffee (one of the best coffee qualities) to the world thus contributing to the livelihood of over 700,000 small-scale growers.  In a recent survey carried out by the Coffee Board of Kenya (CBK), local intake of coffee drinking has risen rampantly in the last decade. Phillip Gitau, the director of the Regional Eastern Africa Fine Coffee Association was quoted in the press release saying, “The emergence of coffee shops has brought more than just coffee as they are also meeting points for the youth and business people to sit and have their discussions.

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Connect Coffee Sanlam branch. Location : Sanlam towers, Westlands

Economic growth has played a significant role in coffee’s rise to popularity in Nairobi as seen in recent times where the locals flock to coffee outlets like Connect Coffee, Java, Spring Valley and Art café creating a fast-rising coffee drinking culture. The influx of the young generation in coffee shops may have been also influenced by the introduction of flavored coffee drinks such as flavored lattes, macchiato, milkshakes and Frappuccino’ in various outlets.

Connect Coffee has been taking considerable strides in fostering the coffee culture in Kenya and very soon in Africa.  Over the past 5 years, Having 3 specialty coffee shops outlets in Nairobi, a Coffee Barista academy, an automatic rental/leasing machine , and other accessories businesses under its belt, we have become a one-stop coffee solution that seeks to provide convenient product and services to all.

Espresso machine, automatic, coffee machine, leasing, rental, coffee beans, grind, roasted coffee beans
Premium automatic espresso coffee machine

Located at the Riverfront Building, the First floor is Connect Coffee Academy, a premium technical training institution that seeks to provide specialty coffee training skills relevant to the current coffee market. If you aspire to learn more about the coffee value chain, feel free to enroll in our academy for crafted courses and workshops at your convince. Enquire with us today on how to be part of the coffee beans subscription program for freshly roasted coffee beans deliveries.

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Professional Barista Course in session at Connect Coffee Academy

Online registrations ongoing ;

Call/WhatsApp : 0748-812-404

E-mail : admissions.academy@connectcoffee.net 




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