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Labor Day, celebrated on the 1st day of May, is an opportunity for us as a nation to recognize the hard work of the citizens who have greatly contributed to our country and our pathway towards continued prosperity. The resolute, unwavering work ethic engrained in our country since its birth continues to be woven within every one of us.

The Covid -19 pandemic has affected the workforce in more ways than we can fathom; some workers have been forced to work from home to ensure their safety. Worst case scenario, companies have been forced to downsize or lay off some workers while some have closed down operations, leaving the labor force jobless and hopeless.

At Connect Coffee company, we reflect on the contributions of key stakeholders in the coffee value chain. Partner coffee farmers – the unsung heroes have remained resilient in supplying quality coffee amidst the changing working environment. Our baristas have consistently supplied excellent coffee experience through sharing home-brew best practices fueling the #work-home #stayhome experience.

To the alumnus of the barista professional training center, Kudos for taking the initiative of earning a new skill in the most challenging times of the century. For the coffee youth group in the Embu University training program, there is no better time to champion and take up the call to revitalize specialty coffee farming.

We honor their valuable contribution of ensuring remote connections through Specialty coffee. As a brand, we look forward to serving customers promptly through deliveries and contactless
pick-ups as we ensure the safety of both parties.

Not all heroes wear capes, however, wear your mask and sanitize to ensure the protection of essential workers and yourself.


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