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Earlier in the year, I picked up a new hobby of getting my morning coffee on my way to work.  Being on the move every morning has kept me wondering:  how many paper cups do I waste? Do I have a choice of reducing paper cup wastage? What is my impact on the planet after every sip?

The new drive-thru coffee shop has been the talk of the town and so I decided to give it a try. Each sip has been heavenly since my discovery. One Saturday morning, I dive into a quick chat with one of the baristas about better packaging options for my coffee. He bravely introduced reusable metal options that are ideal for both hot and cold beverages. The designs are super cool and can lighten up your interior space both at the office/home.  The barista also recommended simple home recipe brewing techniques that would make my coffee experience even better.

Sustainability is on everyone’s lips BUT transforming the knowledge to action is another challenge.

Though bad habits are hard to kick, its always interesting to try out a new habit.  With my new metal canister, I now enjoy the heavenly sip with less worry.

Thank you Connect Coffee

Source – a loyal customer.


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