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As much as you can control flavor and acidity of your cup of coffee, the way your coffee Is processed plays quite a huge role. Two key processes involved in coffee processing include:

Also known as “dry process,” and is the oldest means of processing coffee after harvest. In this processing method, the intact coffee cherries are dried by the sun, typically on raised beds. It’s only after the cherry has been dried to a moisture content of 10 – 12% that the seed is removed. With the cherry and mucilage still intact, this process imparts unique qualities onto the bean.

Natural processed coffees feature a robust body and flavor that’s wild and complex. The long fermentation and drying stage allows the fruity flavors of the cherry to be absorbed by the beans, giving natural coffees intense fruity notes and aromas.


Natural vs Washed coffee processing
Natural coffee processing


Unlike the natural processed coffee, the washed process involves the removal of the cherry and mucilage surrounding the seed and then submerging the seeds in the water where a fermentation process removes the remaining flesh. After fermentation, the seeds are washed again with water before drying in a similar fashion as natural process on raised beds or patios. Compared to natural processed coffees, washed processed coffee typically result is a more complex profile and cleaner cup.

The fruity part is removed early on. This means the beans have a relatively pure flavor that’s not really impacted by the cherries, which means these beans maintain their original flavors better than any other method.

Natural vs Washed coffee processing
washed coffee processing

Natural or washed processed coffee, which makes for a better cup of coffee? You be the judge. A way to enjoy these different coffee types is to get on board a specialty coffee subscription.

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  • Vila
    19/09/2019, 2:46 pm  Reply

    Hey, I would love more information on this as i’m a super coffee lover! Thank you!

  • 19/09/2019, 2:55 pm  Reply

    Thanks Vila, find time and visit our flagship coffee outlet at the Riverfront building, – Groundfloor along Chiromo lane in Westlands. Usually we have some specialty naturals for sample tasting. Reach out to +254 708 790 480 for prior notification to confirm natural coffee availability.

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