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Being a barista is not an easy task., its more than just preparing your cup of coffee. It takes extensive training, studying and lots of passion.

This month on our second segment of Connect Coffee barista series we feature a living coffee legend.

Connect Coffee roasters head barista
Kevin Odour, Head barista Connect Coffee Gigiri

Meet Kevin Odour.

Kevin is the head barista & coffee trainer at Connect Coffee Roasters Gigiri Branch. Having worked for various high-end coffee and restaurant establishments all over Kenya, he joined the Connect Coffee family in 2017.

How would you describe your first cup of coffee?

“The first encounter with coffee was with instant coffee, I had bought from the local markets. It was watery and bitter but …….”

Why Choose the specialty coffee scene?

“I wanted to take a different path, that would enable me to become the best barista in Kenya. I chose Connect Coffee because it has high standards that cannot be compromised. I am able to provide consistent coffee to customers”

Which skills have you perfected as a barista since joining Connect Coffee?

“I’ve experienced improvement in coffee extraction, latte art, milk steaming and frothing, hand brewing and customer service……”

Where do you see yourself in a few years’ time?          

“I’m looking into developing my career as a Coffee consultant/coffee hunter…

Do you have a favorite coffee drink?

“I Would go for the espresso macchiato with the Juliet blend. This way one gets to easily experience all tasting notes of the Juliet blend.”

Give us some facts that your customers might not know about you.

“I’m a huge music fun especially Jazz and reggae.

I love traveling and getting to experience the different cultures of the world.”

Is there anything you would wish to communicate to your fellow baristas, and those aspiring?

Maybe just a quote…The only way you do a great job is to love what you do”


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