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Who doesn’t love the aspect of something that is ‘Naturally’ edible?

Well, let’s go Donyo! The region which used to be a colonial settlement, saw the eviction of many locals to establish coffee plantations. Those who chose to stay, became squatters and worked on the settlers’ coffee farms and only after Kenya’s independence in 1963 did the settlers sell of the coffee plantations to the local co-operative societies before leaving the country.

Known for its acidic soil, it provides excellent conditions for growing coffee. In turn, this has prompted Connect Coffee Roasters to do a partnership with the Ol-donyo sabuk coffee farm and bring natural coffee home. Natural processed coffee stems its roots from Ethiopia but the practise also spread out to other ancient cultures around the globe including Yemen, Brazil and Costa Rica. This methodology is the oldest when it comes to the processing of coffee and is popular in dry climates.

Sometimes referred to as ‘’the dry process,’’ coffee is dried inside the intact coffee cherry and as such requires little to no water. Ripe coffee cherries are harvested and laid out on raised coffee beds where they are raked and turned frequently to maintain even drying. In this process the sugars and flavours of the cherry itself are imparted to the bean contributing to a natural coffee characteristic.

Sounds interesting? If you fancy pronounced sweet, smooth and complex profiles in your cup, here is your chance, drop by any of our branches and grab your fruit bomb pack of Natural coffee with the 200g pack going for 1000 Ksh.


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