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Covid-19 has affected every sector across the globeand the hotel industry is among the hardest hit. Like so many industries, the industry will also see both subtle and substantial shifts in the post-pandemic era. Some are already apparent today, including the launch of the barista refresher course.

If you’re planning to get back to the coffee world, our 5-day Barista Refresher Course is definitely for you! This master class is turn-key, well-crafted comprehensively to enhance barista expertise in the main coffee aspects including:

  • Brewing fundamentals & techniques utilizing today’s most popular espresso and coffee brewing equipment. You’ll learn all fundamental espresso and coffee making skills, and how to prepare all the popular coffee house drinks to the highest standard.

  • Specialized and highly detailed coffee business education and training taught by real coffee business owners and industry experts.

  • In-depth coffee shop operational & management training focused on efficiency.

  • Detailed workbooks and reference materials including, equipment sourcing guides, operations manual, and much, much more!

This course will be instrumental in improving barista performance and support your business coffee section to upsell. Don’t miss out on this exciting and informative coffee session.

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