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Family owned business Shakes and Cakes is boldly taking up specialty coffee in a post-pandemic environment with support from Connect Coffee company. Located in Nyali links arcade in Mombasa, we met up with Awwab, a pioneer graduant from Connect Coffee Empowerement centre who took up the professional barista course and shares his coffee business journey.

Q : How was your experience studying at Connect Coffee Empowerment Centre ?

It was just by chance that I came across connect thanks to a friend. I noticed the course they were offering and signed up.

To my surprise the standard and quality of their knowledge on coffee is to another level. From seed to cup –  a full extensive view on the entire process on cultivating coffee to the harvest, roasting to the detailed extraction of what we call ” The perfect cup“. I was overly impressed and was instantly hooked.

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Mr. Awaab donates a coffee seedling to Mr. Gregory – Connect Coffee partner farmer during coffee bi-annual farm tour

Q : How did the education at the vocational training centre motivate you to venture in coffee as business ?

Gaining coffee knowledge pushed me to look for a barista job, unfortunately during that time I was not successful. Up until I was called for a barista position at Shakes and Cakes. The bosses heeded to my request in approaching Connect coffee company. For purchasing a machine worth the quality of coffee they are producing. My aim and goal was to share real coffee experience  like, flavors of goodness, happiness and whole lot of love in a single cup. I urge and recommend anyone who loves coffee to take a course at Connect Training Centre. For those who would like to be baristas or just as a passion learn at the centre the depths there are to coffee. The multitude of information that will be passed down to you will be all worth the while.
Coffee shop, Nyali, Mombasa, Specialty coffee shop
Shakes and Cakes coffee shop, Nyali, Mombasa

Q : What business support has connect coffee company offered in complementing Shakes and Cakes business ?

Approaching Connect Coffee was a gift on its own. As the machines are top notch and the specialty roasted coffee speaks for it’s self. I asked for some help in beginning our venture into the coffee world.
Roasted coffee, specialty coffee beans,
Regular coffee supply as part of the business support package

I must say that Mr. Chris, the founder is a true gentleman where he offered decent discount on the machine and coffee grinder. He supported in the installation process stretching through the soft launch period with  promotional coffee while reviewing coffee standards.  Many thanks to Connect Coffee for their great work.

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Espresso coffee machine and coffee grinders installed at Shakes and Cakes coffee shop , Nyali Mombasa
“It gives us a unique opportunity to meet our client needs from the coffee farmers, clients ( professional barista school ) and business owners . We expect Shakes and Cakes to thrive in coffee business as they are outfitted with a range of high-end Simonelli coffee machines, coffee grinders that guarantee consistency and quality. ” Mr. ChrisConnect Coffee Director

Professional barista training are still ongoing :

  • Monthly professional session : August intake ( 2nd – 27th )
  • Master coffee class : Brewing / roasting session
For enquiries : call/ Whatsaap : 0748 – 812- 404


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