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The coffee drinking culture is on the rise globally and Kenya is no exception. In fact, it’s fair to say that this has been long overdue for a country that is in the elite class of global quality coffee production.

Today the growing demand for coffee is reflected by the increasing number of chain café and boutique café culture especially visible within the main cities of Kenya. Drive-thru cafes can now be seen in almost every petrol station within Nairobi. For a good number of working residents of Nairobi, a good cup of coffee is now showing up as one of the most important morning check lists. However, is good coffee always available?

For a coffee aficionado, consistency and accessibility are two of the most important factors that go into their daily cup decisions. While you may not realize it, you have sacrificed on a priced indulges way too often because you did not want to take the effort of making the trip to your favorite spot.

The same is true with coffee lovers, sometimes we make do with what’s available because the trouble of walking down the street to a café is just too much. This is especially true when you are on a tight schedule. While delivery services are in their booming age, coffee is to be served immediately after brewing and a coffee lover would attest that getting cold coffee wrecks their entire coffee experience. The bean to cup Automatic coffee machine offers the perfect solution for an office or home fresh brew. What’s even more amazing is that you don’t need barista you don’t necessarily need barista skills.

The machine has a limitless production capacity that allows you to customize your drink on demand based on your mood for the day. Imagine, wanting your cappuccino slightly frothier than usual or needing an extra espresso in your Americano, all that is a few clicks away.

The DG-H100 Automatic Coffee Machine is one of the few of its kind that has been designed to be uncompromising on quality and consistency. This is technology is the next prime driver of local coffee consumption. At less than 10kgs net weight and with a sleek design, the DG-H100 is built to fit nicely in any coffee station or office canteen. Its roasting ventilators allow the striking aroma of freshly roasted coffee to travel through an entire building giving that café vibe


Connect Coffee Leasing company is currently providing the DG-H100 Machine for lease and rental options. Connect Coffee company ensures that the best specialty coffee beans are matched with this machine to sum the complete coffee experience. Contact the sales team today and get an installation within 24 hours.

Email: Leasing@connectcoffee.net

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