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Freshly ground coffee plays a great role in extracting a good cup of coffee. Therefore, one would argue that the only remedy would be to own an espresso machine ( Ideal for restaurants, cafe ) , however this is accompanied by other cost-intensive aspects such as a functional coffee grinder. But do you really need a coffee grinder?

Good news is that you DONT need a coffee grinder.  The VENUSTA HQ is a super-automatic coffee machine that has built-in espresso maker with coffee grinder among other benefits;

  • Four different menu options- americano, espresso, cappuccino, mild americano ( Don’t need a barista ) .
  • Control display that makes the machine user-friendly.
  • A milk steam wand to achieve perfect temperature for your milk based beverages.
  • Ideal for corporate offices, serviced office spaces and home use.

Save upto 20% by onboarding into Connect Coffee monthly lease programme  . The monthly subscription fee is inclusive of 4kgs supply of freshly roasted beans to ensure you enjoy unique coffee experience.

Additional leasing benefits:

  • Economical : save upto 20% of principal amount
  • Free installation and maintenance
  • Free delivery of discounted freshly roasted beans
  • Regular machine maintenance and coffee quality control

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