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They say good things take time and so does the process of making the Cold brew Coffee. First , you need to plan in advance and set all equipment aside that will be required. Coarsely Grounded coffee is made to steep over cold water for a period of 12-24 hours. And the end result is what we term as the ‘brew of love’.

Love is believed to be a beautiful feeling and it takes times, patience, effort and energy to finally get it right. Just as love, the cold brew needs time to develop of all the flavours during the brewing process, steeping over cold water reduces the level of acidity and caffeine. This makes a smooth , mellow cup. How lovely!

The brew of love can be consumed in so many diverse ways. Just as the name suggest, It can be consumed as a cold beverage with dilution from water or milk to make an Iced Americano or Cappuccino. If hot drinks are your preference then here is a tip: Dilute the cold brew with warm milk or warm water to enjoy it hot. Feel free to add Vanilla or Chocolate syrups for a more flavour filled cup of joe.

For 2020 Valentines’ season, brighten up your loved ones’ morning by ordering a bottle of Cold brew. It is available in Romeo blend (Dark roast) and Juliet blend(medium roast) .

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