Valentine’s Day can put a lot of pressure on a relationship. You want to show your significant loved one that you care but, not empty out your bank account.
We’re here to help provide a solution to your Valentine’s dilemma. Luckily, we have 3 easy gift ideas that you can surprise your favourite person to make their life more coffee infused.

Romeo Specialty Roasted Coffee – OK let’s go ahead and get our favourite pick out of the way. Our Romeo coffee is made with the top 1% of green coffee beans in the country and is served at our coffee shops exclusively. This incredible coffee is sure to satisfy anyone from the casual coffee drinker to the serious caffeine connoisseur. There are a wide variety of blends for you to choose from and we ship nationwide! Also guess what; there’s a Juliet blend!! So order a bag of Romeo or Juliet blend today and blow their minds with some of the best coffee on the market.

There’s no better feeling than getting a surprise in the mail. And for coffee lovers, there’s no better feeling than getting your favourite coffee delivered straight to your doorstep.
Connect Coffee prides itself on matching you up with the best coffee for your preferences. We are the best coffee subscription service for people who want to discover one of the best roasting in the country.
A monthly or yearly coffee subscription is a great way to bring some delight to your morning cup of coffee and help you expand your coffee palate. Plus, coffee subscriptions make great gifts – perfect for the coffee lover in your life that already has everything.

We know there are plenty of cool coffee gadgets around,come check out some simple to use hand brewing equipment like the french press or kalita.

After getting your coffee ready ,couple it up with our special valentine’s waffle offer. Get a full strawberry waffle +2 cappuccino at Ksh. 1,oo0/= or half a waffle +1 cappuccino at Ksh. 500/= . To make your order CLICK HERE for more information.

To order Romeo blend visit our shop (link at the top of the webpage) Be sure to visit connectcoffee.net for more info on blends and flavors


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