We often treat coffee as another beverage that we take it down, massive quantities regardless of the time. Instead, you need to start loving yourself and take attention to it. Treat it as a thoughtful beverage and start brewing it correctly.

Consider your coffee machine , does it even make good coffee ? And what even is good coffee ? The answer is not the same with everyone. Consider the tips below to get you a perfect cup of coffee with different brewing equipment.

  1. Looking for convenience. Automatic drip coffee machine is the best option

Having a 8 am -5 pm daily schedule isn’t my cup of coffee either. All the same, being able to fix a perfect cup of coffee in a few minutes is all you need. Automatic drip machines, require loading of coffee as the bare minimum and all you have to do is wait for that fine black coffee that can be enjoyed with or without milk.

  1. Spending too much time at the coffee shop? Invest in coffee machine

Coffee shops have become the next stop besides our homes or office. If you’re a coffee lover but always short on time, automatic coffee machines save on brewing time and help pick us up . With little coffee knowledge, you can enjoy a mouth fill cup, provided you source good quality coffee beans.

  1. Love travelling ? Nothing beats Aero- press machine.

Now you can take your favorite blend with you wherever you go! Portable with less risk of breaking and a brewing time of around 1 minute, you! Aeropress is known to produce a smooth rich cup of coffee.

  1. Don’t drink coffee too much? Keep French press in your cabinet.

Long brewing times with drip brewing are a thing of the past. French press entails  total immersion of ground coffee with water at moderate temperature. No more waiting for boiling water. Your filtering time is also decreased to 20 seconds due to the air pressure. Efficient for infrequent coffee drinkers who don’t like coffee making process. Get special tips here for perfect extraction.

  1. Want the best coffee?Choose pour over

It’s completely manual. Once you buy it you’re done.

Chemex : Trade mark for pour over invented in 1941 . Perfect for your weekend morning as it is known to curate an even cup with its artistic extraction. Chemex remains a preferred coffee maker for both amateurs and professionals.

Chemex coffee maker 6 cups @ connect coffee roasters
Chemex coffee maker

Kalita  : Renowned for being honest in serving heavenly coffee . The recognizable cone shape enhances coffee brewing to go through, thoroughly rather than dripping.

Kalita coffee @ Connect coffee roasters
Kalita coffee

Hario v60 : Enjoying its roots from Japan, king of glass – hario V60: is committed to produce a balanced coffee enjoyed by allowing hot water to stay for too long at the bottom. Made easy for you to control the brew (pour quickly and enjoy the clear taste, or pour slowly for the deep aroma).

Hario @ Connect coffee roasters
Hario V 60

Whatever brewing technique you choose to use, the end result depends largely on three things. The type of beans you select, the roast of those beans and the consistency of your grind. To keep things simple, we recommend subscribing to the brewing class / roasting session for the perfect brewing tips.


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