1st Partnership with Farmer

Away from the busy city of Nairobi, a journey which started 2 years ago  in search of Kenya’s prestige coffee farmers had finally settled in Gatundu west, Gechuka Kiamoria village . After visiting more than 200 coffee farms around Kenya, the status of most coffee shambas  inspired the birth of  “Connect Coffee Co. Ltd” : social enterprise  committed to partner directly with Kenyan coffee small holder farmers to produce quality and consistent coffee to its customers.

We roll farmers project by visiting the coffee farm to assess their present condition. We seek their opinion, propose ways of engagement and focus on how they will maximize on quality coffee production. Our first partnership agreement  was  at  Mr. Kimani’s farm located in Kiambu county, Gatundu west, Gechuka Kiamoria village.

In Mr. Kimani words after the partnership signing, “ I look forwad to a fruitful partnership with connect coffee. I am humbled that my farm is pioneering this project and we hope more farmers will be included in the near future. I hope to be a better farmer with the support from Connect Coffee ”.

Follow up on the farm progress : Boost for small scale farmer

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