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Mr. Kimani, our pioneer partner farmer in Kenya, Kiambu county examines his bumper coffee harvest in the month of December 2016.  Three – 3  months earlier, Connect Coffee Roasters engaged him on a  2 (two ) season partnership to improve coffee production. Being a small scale farmer of relatively an acre piece of land, challenges were many :  Inadequate access to finance, insufficient farm inputs, poor post harvest practices & lack of access to market with better prices.

“ Coffee farming has generally improved and the harvest is much better than other years. I enjoy an increase in coffee yield by an average of 10KG per tree compared to 6 – 8 kg per tree harvested earlier  . The support , lessons & experience from Connect coffee company was instrumental & has made me  a better farmer . ” Mr. Kimani – Partner Farmer.

Bumper early hravest from Mr. Kimanis farm
Bumper early harvest from Mr. Kimanis’ farm


Mr. Kimani is empowered with agronomic skills in better coffee management, improved productivity realized from  financial support in the purchase of farm manure & fertilizers while enjoying additional income from better sales .

At Connect Coffee we believe in value of connection. We engage, equip and grow with key stakeholders across coffee value chain starting from the farmers:  Our support focuses on :

  • Training programs.
  • Support farm inputs/
  • Upgrade pulping stationsto minimize post harvest damage.
  • Purchase specialty coffee at premium prices.We hope to scale out the seed to cup project to more small holder coffee farmers.



Now you can order & enjoy Mr. Kimani single origin coffee from Kenya.



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