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Short latte is one of connect coffee’s beloved signature drink, always served in an 8-ounce cup. With a single shot of espresso at the bottom, steamed milk  is carefully poured over the top with just a lump of micro-foam.

What is the difference between café latte and short latte?

Café latte is an espresso with less foam in the milk. The short latte is a concentrated hot coffee beverage that has less milk than the average drink.

What makes a good short latte?

  1. SPECIALTY COFFEE BEANS: Use high quality blend of beans for the espresso base rather than single origin. This will give more complexity to your cup of coffee.
  2. PERFECTLY EXTRACTED ESPRESSO SHOT: You can achieve perfect shot, with the normal double shot or the ristretto double shot (under extracted shot). Ground coffee is extracted to achieve the perfect shot.
  3. CORRECT MILK TEXTURIZING AND TEMPERATURE: Milk texture should be silky smooth, with the temperature ranging from 65 – 75 degrees.


You can enjoy the Short latte with either the signature Romeo or Juliet blend.


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