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Changing the way Kenya coffee has been produced for the last century, its management through to consumption is still a big challenge . With the end of  youth training phase 115th, Feb – 26th , Feb ), Embu young farmers are pioneering to change the coffee outcome through participatory approach . The training adopted both class and field training across the various modules :

    • Coffee propagation and nursery management
    • Principles of quality coffee production and crop estimation
    • Factory capacities
    • Value addition
Soil testing , soil sampling,soil ph
Young farmers conducting soil sampling using an augur | Location : University of Embu – demonstration plot
Coffee drying beds, Coffee skin dying, coffee parchments, coffee moisture content,Coffee defects
Young farmers reviewing the quality of coffee parchments on the drying beds 
Secondary coffee processing, coffee milling, post harvest, parchment, coffee husk, hulling,
Visit to Kavutiri coffee milling factory to understand coffee secondary processing | Location : Embu

Participants concluded their session with a visit to a private wet mill (Kamavindi ) to farmiliarize with coffee factory maintenance, processing and drying.

coffee pulping, Coffee fermentation,Coffee washing,Coffee grading, parchment 1, Parchment light,
Participants learning how to operate a wet pulping machine and its maintenance | Location : Embu county

The training concluded with coffee quality assessment and value addition session which involved coffee roasting, coffee homebrewing, and cupping conducted by Mr. Hwang Dongmin (Head trainer at Connect Coffee)

Coffee value addition, roasting, coffee roasting, roast profile,
Practical demonstration of sample roasting [ Insert ] Connect Coffee Director: Mr. Chris with participants. Location | Embu University
The second phase is scheduled for 8th – 19th March 2021. For any registrations/inquiries

Tel : 0719681842/0721552757

E-mail : gracemrth@gmail.com/ wacikubm@gmail.com




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