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Our showroom is a premium coffee machine experience Center, that allows you to feel and experience almost all machines out of the famous Victoria Arduino product range. They are not only on display but also fully operational and waiting for you to show their capabilities during demonstrations.

The opening of the showroom comes as a result of a partnership with Italian coffee machine manufacturing giant Victoria Arduino. This makes Connect Coffee the main distributor of the machine brand in East Africa.

Schedule a visit:

You are welcomed to visit and get an exclusive tour through our brand new facility and view the wide range of equipment and machinery.

Customized demonstration

Wondering if our machines can give the quality output that you desire? Upon request, we will demonstrate that our machines can create your specific products.

Espresso extraction demonstration, connect coffee roasters, coffee machine showroom
Espresso extraction demonstration

Showroom machinery

The following coffee machines are on display.

nauva simonelli, connect coffee machine showroom
Nuova Simonelli.
Coffee Machine Grinders
Victoria arduino , Black Eagle
Victoria Arduino, Black Eagle

Advantages of using premium coffee machines.

  • Speed: Automatic coffee machines are fast when preparing your coffee e.g preparing a cup cappuccino in a minute.
  • Consistency: The machines are programmed to overcome the normal challenges in preparing coffee e.g temperature changes, machine pressure
  • Ease of use: The steps used have been simplified so much that all you need to do is press the button to make the machinery work

Technical support

We offer machine training and technical support of up to 1 year after purchase. Please contact us for the possibilities.

Email : Info@connectoffee.net

Phone: +25448812404


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