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How grateful would it be to walk into your favorite coffee shop and offered an opportunity to either brew your own coffee or for your family and friends?

#IamBrewer #MimiBrewer is a self-paced, real-time hands-on coffee brewing exercise that allows you to get control of your coffee. Coffee brewing can really get technical and the better you want your coffee to be, the more technical you should get. However, It should not get that serious as we got a simple guide for you.

Brewing infographic connect coffee roasters
Brewing infographic

Get a chance to BREW your OWN coffee on your next coffee visit. To become a brewer;

  • Sign up for any fascinating coffee home-brewing session.
  • Receive your membership card, with special privileges such as a 33% discount for pour-over coffee for up to 10 cups.
  • 3 simple steps, to become #IAMBREWER #MIMIBREWER
  1. Choose your coffee blend.
  2. Choose the preferred instrument.
  3. Get your set-up and begin to brew.

Keep in mind a challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it. Rise above all!

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