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There is more to coffee than just making your average cup of joe. Below are a few tips on how you can fully recycle ground coffee waste.

Homage coffee candles

If you love the smell of coffee, why not turn your old grounds into all-natural homemade candles?

For this fun up-cycling project you will need :

  • Small paper coffee cup
  • Paper towel
  • A cup of wax candle ends,
  • Wick,
  • Scissors,
  • Small saucepan for melting the wax,
  • Small glass mixing bowl
  • Course some used coffee grounds. See how

Freshen your flower vase

Using a coffee-soil mix for your flower vase not only looks cool and lengthens your cut flowers’ life, but it also acts as an air freshener in the room. Directions here.

Natural abrasive

Sprinkle old coffee grounds onto an old cleaning cloth and use them to scrub away stuck-on food from counters or dishes. While used grounds are abrasive, they aren’t so harsh that they will damage the surfaces in your kitchen.

Skin Exfoliation

Coffee grounds make an excellent exfoliating body scrub. Just add used grounds to a bit of warm water or your favorite all-natural oil. Then scrub your skin from head to foot to remove all of those dead skin cells.


Unclog your drain

With coffee grounds, boiling water, and a little dish soap, you can unclog your bathroom and kitchen drain.

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