In an effort to promote inclusivity of students from different backgrounds and abilities, Connect Coffee Empowerment Center partnered with One Tribe Church to empower the youths in the deaf community with specialty coffee skills.  The aspiring Barista students benefited tremendously through this partnership by tuition sponsorship from the institution.

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Manual brewing practical session at Connect Coffee Academy


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Students brewing the Hario V60 equipment

Learning can pose a number of different challenges for any student, but for deaf students, the number can be even greater. Through inclusive teaching strategies that include having a well-illustrated work book, videos with clear images and captions as well overall patience from the trainers guaranteed the overall success of the session.

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Sample of a workbook used during a coffee processing session

A lot of lessons have been learnt along the way as we try to empower differently abled students.

“Through careful observance of the behaviour of milk during frothing, feeling the temperature and vibration of the milk pitcher enabled me to learn how to properly steam” (Anonymous)

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Head trainer at the Academy Mr. Joseph with Miss Rose (sign language trainer)  and the students during a theory class session

Luckily, through support from their sign language interpreter, the training of the first batch of deaf Baristas was a triumph.

This has been an exciting journey for us and we are looking forward to partner with more institutions that give back to the society.  It is our mission to inspire lifelong learning, advanced knowledge in coffee while making a difference that will strengthen our communities.

Registration ongoing for May session

Tel: 0748-812-404

E: admissions.academy@connectcoffee.net


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