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Last Friday of the month, on the 28th day of July 2017 from  6 pm – 8 pm , Connect coffee Roasters organized a concert themed “Connect with Jazz & Waffle“. The event was meant to celebrate local jazz talent alongside signature waffle and artisanal coffee. The live jazz featured Ciano Maimba ( local Kenyan artiste with vocalist Daisy ).

Guest artist : Ciano Maimba ( Back left ) & Daisy perfom at the Connect with Jazz & Waffle concert . Location | Connect Coffee Roasters.

This was a landmark event to Connect Coffee calendar, to celebrate talent and creativity in service delivery.

Team Connect Coffee baristas standby to offer exemplary service during Connect with Jazz concert.

The event was a talk of the town, with the tickets being sold out within a week of advertising.

Guests enjoying live jazz event & waffles . Photo Courtesy | Connect Coffee Roasters

Connect Coffee offers communal space to events, exhibitions, fashion pop_ups while enjoying fresh, locally sourced coffee in unique blends ( Romeo & Juliet ).

Write to us on : info@connectcoffee.net to book your live event space today.


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