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“ 2 years ago I would never have imagined becoming a coffee Roaster. Yet today I am a master at it.  Growing up in the country side engulfed in coffee plantations, I saw coffee more of an income generating commodity but never something that would form the basis of my passion

Currently, my enthusiasm for coffee has turned into an obsession. Part of the appeal of coffee was and is the challenge of trying to achieve perfection in every roast.Whether you are purchasing coffee, clothing or art, when you hear about a company that inspires you and supports positive change, it’s an honor to be part of their team. Thanks to the constant training I received at Connect coffee, The art of roasting has become the part of me.

Connect Coffee being a social enterprise, they take pride in their fresh-roasted coffee and the taste of their coffee reflects the company’s core mission.  Quality of service and consistency in the coffee has never been a compromise to them.

At Connect Coffee, dreams are realized and made into a reality, talents are nurtured, skills are enhanced and polished : how to roast coffee beans

Plans are underway of establishing a Barista Training Institute that will focus on essential knowledge of coffee and short term tailor made courses for youths looking into venturing into the coffee sub-sector.




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