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Hail to all participants of the 2nd edition, coffee farm tour.

Conquering the cold weather & muddy slips saw 20 participants of mixed nationalities join Connect Coffee on the journey to appreciate smallholder coffee farmers in Kiambu, Gatundu South. Elevated 1892 m above sea level within the Mt. Kenya region, Mr. Kariukis’  modest coffee farm played host to July 2018 visit ( fly-crop harvest ).

Participants visited the coffee farm to experience selective hand picking of red wine cherries.

Through group sorting, participants appreciated the diverse care needed to achieve the final quality cup. Secondary processing from pulping, fermentation, drying was done onsite.

Guests interacted with farmers’ immediate family members and experienced traditional way of roasting and modern cupping.

Goodwill message to appreciate farmers significant impact in quality coffee production was done through seedling donation.

What to expect in the upcoming 3rd edition :

  • Heavy coffee bearing (seamless pattern of red wine cherries).
  • Warm outdoor weather.
  • Meet coffee farmers with their families.
  • Appreciate key coffee process from seed to cup.
  • Donation of coffee seedlings.

Subscriptions ongoing for the 3rd edition. Coffee farm tour.

When : December 2018

Registration Fee : Ksh. 5,000

E : info@connectcoffee.net

T : ( 254 ) 708 790 480 | ( 254 ) 748 812 404


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