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Farm management is a big part of Connect Coffee mandate in the farmer partnership.  We are constantly looking for effective ways to help farmers learn, manage and maintain their farm.  Mexican merigold – scientific name Tagetes minuta is a good example of biological weed control mechanism that we encourage our farmers to plant.

Standing almost 6ft tall ( height of a full grown man), they’ll be flowering during this wet season.  Some say they are not attractive but they are indeed natural weed killer. Their roots secrete some compounds called thiophenes which takes on any pathogenic nematodes that dare to share its soil and usually wins.  It tends to kill neighbouring weeds such as bindweed and couch grass.

In the face of changing climate, as a result of green house effect caused by increased emmision by preservatives in artificial herbicides , mexican merigold can be a sustainable natural herbicide with no effect to the environment.

Anytime while clearing your  Coffee farm, watch out not to clear mexican merigold weed away as they are more beneficial than thought of.

A growing mexican merigold in a coffee farm


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