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Whether it’s a simple centerpiece or a dazzling display in your home or office, flowers can enhance the aesthetic nature of a place with a burst of beauty. Flowers can set the tone for a variety of event types, all that is needed is knowing how to pick, arrange and place them for display.

Monday 6th of May, Connect Coffee Roasters had the pleasure to host the second flower arrangement class in collaboration with Bahati Nairobi.

Bahati is a true original brand which was established with a need to give experience to the beautiful African culture while equipping its customers with regular Japanese style flower arrangement art. The classes include in depth knowledge on:

  • Flower naming
  • Basic style arrangement and techniques
  • Variety selection and styling
  • Flower aftercare

A selection of curious minds showed up for the interactive session, where they learned the simple art of basket arrangement. Basket arrangements are perfect for a number of floral occasions, from house warming gifts to a table centerpiece. With this type of arrangements, it give you a chance to be creative and unique as anyone can incorporate many of their favorite flowers and greenery.

Flower aftercare techniques.

  • Check your flowers daily. Check for bacteria and also make sure the flower buds open which will extend the lives of the flowers.
  • Re- cut their stems. Cut the stem by an inch and be sure to cut at an angle to enable the slower to take up water.
  • Display flowers in a cool spot. Most flowers prefer temperatures between 18 – 22 degrees Celsius and are best displayed away from direct sunlight.

Taking part in a flower event gives you a chance to experience and expound your knowledge on the wonders of flowers.

Don’t miss out, Stay tuned for next flower event in June.



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