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This is the first segment of Connect Coffee barista series. We’ve directed questions to baristas so that you get to know more about the people who make your coffee.



Kennedy is the head barista at Connect Coffee Roasters Riverside branch. He has had the privilege of winning the very much coveted Kenya Latte Art Championship 2018 after joining the Connect team in 2017.

Tell us about your first cup of coffee.

“My first cup of coffee was the cappuccino from a popular coffee house in Kenya. I found it to be very hot, very bitter and I was not able to identify the quality of the coffee.”

Why did you start working in the specialty coffee scene?

“Excellent baristas are hard to come by and so is good coffee. Most cafés in Kenya serve mainstream coffee. I wanted to be more than just a normal barista, one who could put smiles on the faces of customers after they had a sip of specialty coffee. I hope to contribute positively to the coffee drinking culture in Kenya.”

What skills have you perfected as a barista?

“Hand brewing, latte art, espresso extraction, milk frothing, coffee tasting and cupping. My determination and training at Connect Coffee has contributed to being a professional barista.I look forward to improving my specialty barista skills.”

What is your favorite coffee drink from Connect Coffee?

“Tough one there……. I think it would be a Café Latte. When you froth milk at the right temperature you get to enjoy all the flavours. It also resembles my personality, if given the right push I believe people can get to experience all my wonderful characteristic traits.”

 What are some facts that people don’t know about you?

“I like to enjoy my coffee with absolutely no sugar.

I spend most of my free time studying latte art videos and global barista championships to review areas of improvement.

I’m also a big Arsenal supporter and I strongly believe that the cup is soon coming to London but my true passion lies in coffee. My aspiration is to become a huge figure in the coffee industry both locally and internationally.”

Facts about Kennedy;

  1. Passion: Coffee.
  2. Best coffee: Cafe latte.
  3. Hobbies: Soccer, travelling.


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