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As we celebrate #InternationalCoffeeDay, we dinge into our various signature coffee blends: cappuccino, espresso just to commemorate the day. We recount good memories and cherish the latest trends of quality coffee on offer at various outlets. We hail the excellent services of artistic baristas.

However, the discussion is always incomplete. One stakeholder toils for more than 18months, juggles with unprecedented weather patterns due to climate change, feels the effect of fluctuating global prices yet still ensures our quality coffee is supplied.

THE FARMER has constantly been the unsung hero.

Mr. Kimanis' Farm - Kiambu county
Mr. Kimanis’ Farm – Kiambu county

How many coffee lovers care about the farmers’ welfare?

How much are you willing to pay to maximize profit return to the farmer?

Is your coffee shop willing to provide information of their source of coffee?


As we enjoy our coffee today, tomorrow and black Monday, let’s buy the bigger ‘cause’ of drinking fair trade coffee. Make a stop over at Connect Coffee Roasters to understand and feel the conneqction of our “ Purpose beyond Profit story”.



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