Connect Coffee is an independent licensed coffee exporter offering one of the world’s finest specialty green coffees. Located in Nairobi Kenya, our coffee offerings are based from direct relationship with beneficiary smallholder farmers located in keystone coffee areas within the central highlands of Kenya.

Coffee roasters who would like to purchase green beans can also access a range of varied programmes from coffee origin trips, public cupping session as well as customized coffee profile of their choice.

Green coffee export infographic

Our coffee offerings list includes BUT not limited to:

  • Premium coffee
  • Mainstream coffee
  • Limited edition (specialty naturals / partner farmers produce)

We are dedicated to guarantee that your order arrives in perfect condition both micro lot/ full container load ( FCL ) . Our flexible packaging options are

  • Box packaging


  • Jute bags ( Grain pro )


Container options

  • Dry container


  • Reefer container


Connect Coffee aims to trade for the benefits of coffee community, reduce environmental footprint while ensuring we develop better coffee quality for our customers.

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