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Can I be trained to become a professional barista ?

Connect Coffee empowerment centre offers structured coffee programme from foundation level to professional level.  Find our detailed curriculum here !

Does Connect Coffee retail roasting machine ?

Connect Coffee is the official distributor for Burning roasting brand from South Korea.

Does Connect Coffee export Green Coffee ?

Connect Coffee is a licensed green coffee dealer authorized to source, bid and export coffee both commercial and premium grades.

What type of coffee machines does Connect Coffee retail ?

Connect Coffee retails both commercial ( Espresso based coffee machines ) and home use filter coffee ( Chemex, Hario V60, )

What is the difference between Romeo and Juliet ?

Romeo and Juliet are one of our signature roast coffees. Romeo blend is a dark roast ( Kenya single origin ) with a smoky dark chocolate taste. Juliet is the medium roast (  Kenya 50 + Ethiopia 50 )  with a floral and fruity taste notes.

What is Kalita?

Kalita is a filter coffee  with its origin from Japan. It is renowned to make balanced coffee in terms of sweetness and acidity.

What are some of the signature drinks you have?

Short latte, strawberry latte, Guinness and hoegarden type cold brew

How long will the order take to make?

Espresso based drinks take up to 2 minutes, while for hand brewed coffee ranges between 2-3 minutes.

What is the difference between iced coffee cold brew?

Iced coffee is made from an espresso poured over cold milk or water, while cold brew is slowly extracted with cold water for a period of 18-20hrs producing strong coffee flavours with smooth long aftertaste.